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With our 15+ years of experience producing film and television documentaries, you're in good hands.

Video & audio editing services

Video editing and colour correction for a wide range of project types.

Short documentary
Social media videos
Podcast audio
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Video editor showing sequence, video images, colour wheels
A woman with video camera recording conference meeting

Video creation services

We work with businesses and organizations to bring their HD or 4K video projects to life. We primarily work with those based in Manitoba (Canada).

Short documentary
Social media marketing
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Social Media Marketing Videos

We collaborated with The Flatlander newsletter to produce a series of four short, captivating videos aimed at attracting new subscribers. Leveraging primarily stock photos, the videos showcase the newsletter's in-depth coverage of regional stories that impact its readership.

Documentary Impact Marketing

Beyond the Spectrum commissioned us to produce a series of 25 videos to promote the launch of their documentary, which involved utilizing footage from the film as well as developing a bespoke animated short for an app.