Industry leader showcase with e-commerce

Screenshot: Polar bear at sunset with text "Spark Curiosity".

Merit Motion Pictures had a unique problem to solve. They needed a striking website that would immediately resonate with their industry partners. But they also needed to grow their consumer line of e-commerce offerings and sales.

"Steve/Glow Machine created a website that was not only beautiful, visually engaging and easy to navigate for users, but also created easy-to-use tools that make updating our website enjoyable!"

Kerri Woloszyn, Merit Motion Pictures

Best of both worlds.

We looked at where these two markets overlapped and where they diverged. Then we created a solution that makes each audience feel like the website is just for them.

Mobile phone with website on it.

Featuring stunning imagery and full screen video, the site has an immediate impact and draws in its audience.

Website screenshot for film "Call of the Forest" - awards, quotes large image of woman touching tree branches.

All film projects are cross-referenced by topics and categories, making navigation a breeze. Information for both industry and consumer markets is seamlessly presented, while also including some industry-only areas protected by password. All of this was wrapped up with first rate SEO and accessibility considerations.

Website screenshot - webstore with various films for sales.

Website screenshot - list of films available under large title "Nature: Amazing Animals".
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